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Hire Purchase (HP) Promotional Scheme on Ref, ACs and All Kinds of Motor Cycles.

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1. Gen. CSD is running Hire Purchase Scheme since 1974 for the wel of Armed Forces Pers. Under this scheme household items incl Cars, Tractors, M/Cycles, Refrigerators, Deep Freezers, TVs, ACs, Computers, Generators, Sewing/Washing Machines, Fans and Bicycles etc are sold to the tps on easy instls. This scheme is very popular amongst the Armed Forces pers due to its lucrative and soft terms and conditions. CSD Mgnt makes sincere efforts to meet the ever increasing demands of entitled customers. Detail of items being provided to entitled personnel under Hire Purchase Scheme is at Anx ‘A’.

2. Entitlement

a. Cars

(1) Cars upto 800cc. All commissioned Offrs, Junior Commissioned Offrs (JCO’s)/Equivalent rank and Hav/ Equivalent rank of PAF and PN.


(2) Cars upto 1000cc.

(a) All commissioned offrs of grade 17 / equivalent having one yr svc and above.


(b) All Junior Commissioned Offrs (JCO’s)/ Equivalent rank of PAF and PN.


(3) Cars upto 1300cc. All commissioned offrs of grade 17/ equivalent having 3 yrs commissioned svc and above.


(4) Cars Above 1300cc. All commissioned offrs of grade 18/ equivalent having 7 years commissioned svc and above.


(5) Purchase of Lower Specification Cars. Offrs can purchase lower specification car (if so desired) then their auth akin to their rank and svc.


(6) Demand of 2ndCar. The HP member desirous to purchase 2nd car under CSD HP Scheme can apply immediately after clearance of the previous car case.


b. Entitlement for Tractors. Fol can apply to obtain Tractors under CSD HP Scheme or cash payment:-


S/No Type Of Sale Rank Remarks
(1)HPHav and Equivalent 50/60 HP
(2)HPJCO and Equivalent 50/60/75 HP
(3)HPOffrs 50/60/75/85 HP
(4)Cash Payment All Serving/Retd Pers 50/60/75/85 HP

c. Gen Items

(1) Offrs. Can purchase any number of household items indicated

on HP list, besides cars, provided that total of prices of these

items does not exceed 15 x gross salaries.

(2) Junior Commissioned Offrs (JCOs)/Sldrs Soldiers)/Eqvt Ranks. Can purchase any number of household items(Not similar) borne on HP list, provided the total of prices of these items does not exceed 15 x gross salaries.

3. Processing of HP Applications. Processing of HP Applications is as under:-

a. Gen Items.

(1) HP application of Gen Items/Motor Cycles alongwith Deposit Slip of Down Payment (in original), Photo copies of NICs of Applicant/Surety/NOK (duly attested) is deposited with nearest HPBC. List of HPBC att as Anx B.

(2) After scrutiny, HPBC staff enters req data in computer and tfr it online to HP Div, Head Office CSD.


(3) HP Div after verification of data through ONLINE NADRA Verification Sys/own database will issue Release Order through online tfr to concerned HPBC.

(4) If item is aval, the same is issued straightway, otherwise issued on materialization from supplier.


b. Cars/Tractors.

(1) Customers deposit /fwd HP applications alongwith Deposit Slip of Down Payment (in original), Photo copies of NICs of Applicant (Two copies)/Surety/NOK (one copy each) (duly attested) to HP Div, CSD Head Office Rwp.

(2) After scrutiny/entry of HP application demanded car/tractor is booked with concerned Mfr Coy. Materialization Pd varies 2-3 months.

                   (3) On arrival of car/tractor, issued from show room/del pts and got insured within 2-3 weeks by HP Div.

(4) A customer can only apply for 2nd car/tractor under HP Scheme after clearance/closing of case of 1st car/tractor.

4. Simplification To make the subj scheme more simple and customer friendly, CSD Mgnt has taken no of measures. Some of these are as follows:-

a. HP Application Form. HP Application Form of has been revised/simplified and reduced to one page and can be downloaded from CSD site. It is also aval in Urdu version.

          b. Suretry. Req of surety has been reduced to one.

c. Purchase Limit. Purchase limit has also been increased from 10 to 15 gross salaries enabling tps to buy more items on easy instls.


d. Customer Service Centre (CSC). CSC has been estb in CSD Head Office for speedy access to info, resolving the complaints, receiving of applications, case status query, obj handling, form issuing and issue of No Objection Cert (NOC) on retirement.


e. Decentralization of HP Scheme. Previously all HP applications were received and processed at Head Office level which took m ore time and added difficulties for the customers. Now this process has

been decentralized by estb 32x Hire Business Centres (HPBCs) at various stas to provide speedy info about HP Scheme, Issue/Receipt of application forms, receipts of Release Orders and issue of demanded items. Also attending to the queries/objs of HP customers.


f. Remittance of HP Instls Through Online Tfr. In order to finalize the customer’s acct efficiently, online banking system has been introduced, all branches of Faysal Bank Ltd, designated branches of HBL and MCB. Detail of acct Nos is as under:-

Gen AcctCar Acct
(1)HBL 00427900013703 00427900013903
(2)Faysal Bank0120-006-0012307 0120-2027453-006


g. Addl Benefit to JCOs/NCOs/Eqvt. In order to extend more benefit to the entitled pers CSD has revised the existing auth/entitlement policy for HP items to all ranks as follows:-

(1) On greater demand from JCO/NOCs/Eqvt ranks of PAF/PN, purchase of cars upto 1000 cc and 800 cc under CSD HP Scheme has been allowed respectively.

(2) Purchase limit has been increased from 10 to 15 gross salaries to enable tps to buy more items on instls.


h. Tractors. Provision of Tractors under HP Scheme to the pers of Armed Forces has been undertaken by CSD. So far it has booked/supplied more than 4 dozen Tractors Fiat/Massey/Ferguson).


i. Reconditioned(Imported) Cars. Many offrs have apch CSD Head Office to incl” Reconditioned (Imported) Cars” under HP Scheme. Provision of these cars is cumbersome and risky due to non

aval of proper Warranty/Guarantee and After Sales Service plus Price Fixation mechanism. However, these cars have been incl in CSD Car HP Scheme.

j. SOP for Shuhda. As a wel measure CSD waives off all bal dues in case of natural death/shahadat provided that the shaheed/deceased reamined reg in paying his monthly instl. In continuation to these efforts and to help shuhada's families, CSD mgnt has now decided to waive off outstanding CSD dues even for the irregular shuhada/deceased HP customers as under:-

a . 100% dues of shuhada.
b. 50% dues of deceased.
c. This Concession will be given on items costing HP Price upto Rs. 150,000 only.

5. Mechanic’s Svc at HPBCs

M/S Atlas Honda Company has provided services of Mechanics at HPBCs to extend fol services to HP/Cash sale customers:-

a. Inspection of Honda M/Cycles after unloading for their

damaged/broken parts etc.

          b. Inspection/attendance of faults/damages during storage.

          c. Prep for final Okay/check of Honda bike at the time of issue to the



6. Functional Improvement

a. Intro of New Software named” HP Tracking Record”. In order to facilitate the customers and resolve their problems/difficulties, new software with name “HP Tracking Record” has been developed and depl on the HPBCs. As a sequel to intro of this new measure, HP customers are able to see their indl Accts/Index Sheets, right at their HPBC/CSD. It assists them to see latest status of their acct and pay delayed/missed out HP dues, accordingly.



b. Expansion of HP Scheme. Different Orgs/Depts have signed agreements with CSD for availing HP facility by their civ pers. Most of these are paid out of Def Svcs Ests. Detail is at Anx ‘C’.

c. Option for Insurance of M/Cycles: Head Office, CSD (HP Div) has arranged to extend facility of insurance for M/Cycles issued to HP customers on optional basis. The customer who wants to insure their M/Cycle will opt for the same on application form and HPBC Mgr will ensure to get his option on reverse side of HP application form duly signed by the customers.


d. Complete Waiver of Dues for Shaheed/Deceased HP Members : CSD Mgt is also giving complete waiver of CSD dues to HP customers who embrace shahadat or die due to accident/natural death, if he is regular in payment of instls. It is being done purely on humanitarian grounds for the welfare of bereaved family as per fol procedure:-

(1) All dues are excused/waived off and clearance cert issued to the next of kin. However, those HP members who are defaulter and irregular in payment of their instls will not be eligible for any such concession.


(2) If death occurs during the booking pd, then full amount of down payment deposited by the HP member will be refunded to next of kin.


(3) For availing this waiver fol docus will be fwd by the unit concerned to HP Div, HO CSD:-


(a) Immediate sig/fax/ltr regarding the intimation of death stating loc as well as cause of death so that the case can be frozen.

(b) Attested photo copy of Unit’s/CORO Part-II Order etc against shahadat/death of the HP member.

(c) Attested photo copy of Death Cert issued by Mil Hosp/Dependant Hosp based on which Unit’s/CORO Part-II Order was pub.

(d) Cert by the Next of Kin of the shaheed/deceased that the said item(s) is/are in possession and in use of the Next of Kin (parents/spouse/child). The cert will be duly signed by CO/OC of the Unit/Org. (Specimen at Appx-II). Attested photo copy of registration book of M/Cycle if involved will also be att.


Anx ‘A’

Variety of HP Items incl in CSD HP Scheme


(1) Dawlance (15x Models)

(2) Haier (22x Models)

(3) PEL (28x Models)

(4) Singer (22x Models)

(5) Waves (25x Models)

                     b. AIR CONDITIONER

(1) Haier (7x Models)

(2) Singer (2x Models)

(3) Waves (1x Model)

(4) PEL (5x Models)

(5) Dawlance (2x Models)

                    c. COOKING RANGE

Singer (5x Models


(1) Dawlance (3xModels)

(2) Singer (1x Model)

         (3) Waves (11x Models)


e.           LAPTOPS/CPTRS

(1) Acer (6xModels)

(2) Dell (20xModels)

(3) HP (9xModels)

(4) IBM (5xModels)

(5) Sony (7xModels)

(6) Toshiba (2xModels)


(1) Dawlance (14x Models)

(2) Singer (1x Model)

(3) Haier (9x Models)

(4) Waives (5xModels)


(1) Honda (4x Models)

(2) Yamaha (3x Models)

(3) Pak Hero (1x Model)

(4) Qingqi (4x Models)

(5) Ravi (5x Models)

(6) Super Asia (2x Models)

(7) Super Star (1x Model)

(8) Suzuki (4x Models)

(9) Super Power (6x Models)

(10) Hero (2xModels)


    Super Asia (6x Models)


Singer (8x Models)


(1) Haier (5x Models)

(2) Singer (6x Models)

                    k. WASHING MACHINE

(1) Dawlance (12x Models)

(2) Haier (11x Models)

(3) Singer (10x Models)

(4) Super Asia (19x Models)

(5) Waves (1x Model)

l. LCD

(1) Sony (9x Models)

(2) Singer (4x Models)


Singer (4x Models)


              5x Types (31x Models)

o. Generators

   (1) Honda (9xModels)

             (2) Yamaha (9xModels)


p. Rickshaw

              (1) Super Power (4xModels)

              (2) Qingqi (2xModels)


(1) Toyota

(2) Honda

(3) Suzuki

(4) Reconditioned

r. Tractors

                       (1) Fiat

                       (2) Messy Ferguson (Millat)

                       (3) Euro Ford


Anx ‘B’



a. HPBC CSD S/M Rawalpindi 051-5792431

b. HPBC CSD Shop Jhelum 0544-626057

c. HPBC CSD Shop Gilgit 0581-451539

d. HPBC CSD Shop Abbottabad 0992-331198

e. HPBC CSD Shop Wah Cantt 051-4531547

e. HPBC CSD Shop Wah Cantt 051-4531547

f. HPBC Terbela


a. HPBC CSD Shop Peshawar 091-9214135

b. HPBC CSD Shop Nowshera 0923-6118667

c. HPBC CSD Shop Kohat 0922-512862

d. HPBC CSD Shop Kamra 057-9317440

e. HPBC CSD Shop Attock 057-9316201

f. HPBC CSD Shop Mardan


a. HPBC CSD S/M Lahore 042-9220503

b. HPBC CSD Kharian 053-9240215

c. HPBC CSD Shop Gujranwala 055-3830014

d. HPBC CSD Shop Sialkot 052-4262580

e. HPBC CSD Shop PAF Sargodha 048-9230866

f. HPBC CSD Shop Mianwali 0459-231142

g. HPBC CSD Shop Bedian Road RA Bazar Lahore 042-99221043

h. HPBC CSD Shop Sargodha Cantt 048-3721288


a. HPBC CSD Shop Multan 061-4513633

b. HPBC CSD Okara 0442-880346

c. HPBC CSD Shop Bahawalpur 062-2731430

d. HPBC CSD Shop Rahim Yar Khan 068-5674014

e. HPBC CSD Shop Bahawal Nagar



a. HPBC CSD Shop Quetta 081-2882498

b. HPBC CSD Shop PAF Samungli, Quetta 081-2885657


a. HPBC CSD S/M Karachi 021-35219922

b. HPBC CSD Shop Malir 021-4491500

c. HPBC CSD Shop Hyderabad 022-2783160

d. HPBC CSD Shop Badin 092-7862575

e. HPBC CSD Shop Pano Aqil 071-5680194



Anx ‘C’


                   Name of Org/Dept Remarks

                   (1) Min of Def (Def Div) – Military Grade 17 & Above

                   (2) Min of Def (Fin Div) - Military

              (3) FA (Army), GHQ Rawalpindi Grade 17 & Above

(4) Inspectorate of Armaments, Range Rd, Rwp

(5) Inspectorate of Electronic & Instruments Chaklala

(6) Pak Steel Mills Karachi

(7) CAO’s Office GHQ, Rawalpindi

(8) HQ ASF Karachi

                   (9) HQ Frontier Corps Peshawar

(10) IV & EE Chaklala

(11) COD Khanewal

                   (12) COD Rwp

(13) Ammo Depot Okara

(14) IDA Wah Cantt

(15) IDA POF Gadwal

(16) Central Spares Depot Dhamial Camp

(17) Ord Depot Quetta

(18) Ammo Depot Niaz Beg Lahore

(19) Central Ammo Depot Sargodha

(20) COD Lahore

(21) 503 Avn Base Wksp EME, Rwp

                   (22) 505 Electronic Base Wksp EME, Rwp

                   (23) 601 Regional Wksp EME, Quetta

                   (24) 605 Regional Wksp EME, Nowshera

                   (25) 607 Regional Wksp EME, Gwa

(26) DHA Bahawalpur/Chapter C/O HQ 31 Corps

(27) CMT&SD Golra Rd Rwp

(28) COD Karachi

(29) Sta Wksp EME Jhelum

(30) Composite Inspection Depot Liaqat Barracks Karachi

(31) Army Stores Inspection Depot Lahore Cantt

(32) Engineer Stores Depot Lahore Cantt

(33) Inspection Depot Armaments Havelian

(34) ITD Central Laboratory Chaklala

(35) 502 Central Wksp EME Rwp

(36) 603 Base Wksp EME, Lahore

(37) COD Kala Jhelum

(38) MVRDE Abid Majeed Road Rwp

(39) Gujranwala Log Area

(40) AF Inspectorate of Med Stores Lahore

(41) Armed Forces Institute of Nutrition Lahore Cantt

(42) Institution of Optronics (MOD), Chaklala

(43) MAG Rwp/ All CMAs

(44) Digital Mapping Unit (477 ASGE) Rawalpindi

(45) HQ Multan Log Area

(46) Fixed Comm Sig Coy Gujranwala

(47) Armed Forces Medical Stores Laboratory, Lahore

(48) PAF- Civs

(49) Ordep Gujranwala

(50) Air Weapon Complex Wah Cantt

(51) 604 AC Comb Wksp EME

(52) 302 Spares Deport EME Rwp

(53) IDA Sanjwal

(54) Sta HQ Lahore

(55) 509 Electronic Base Wksp EME

(56) AF Post Graduate Med Institute Rwp

(57) Sta HQ Sargodha Cantt

(58) 301 Spares Deport EME Rwp

(59) Gar HRDC Okara

(60) Engr Stores Depot Jhelum Cantt



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