CSD Rebate Card

  1. 1
    In order to ensure that rebate is properly regulated/controlled while allowing freedom to tps for availing rebate from any CSD, a memory based Special Rebate Card has been designed having following features

      1. The holder can use it at any CSD from date of effect.
      2. Cost of the card would be Rs. 150/- each.
      3. Requirements for AFSRC can be downloaded from here.
      4. Instructions for AFSRC (Armed Forces Special Rebate Card) can be downloaded from here.
      5. AFSRC Form downloaded from here.

  2. 2
    For central preparation of Rebate Cards, all units / fmns will forward essentially required data of the authorized persons to Head Office CSD through Application Form This form can be Downloaded from here.

    1. The formation will send completely filled application forms to the Project Manager AFSRC in a sealed envelope under Per/Conf covering letter at the address below
    2. All cards after printing will be dispatched to unit/fmns concerned for handing over to the indl for use. The CARD will be ACTIVATED ON FIRST USE AT ANY CSD on production of proof of ID.
    3. Information about Special Rebate Cards, Loyalty Cards, Website and IT related issues


    CSD Head office: 265 Muhammad Hussain Road,
    Post Box no. 1039, Rawalpindi Cantt.

  3. 3
    CSD Rebate on Shopping from 1 Mar 2020 on Rebate Card for retired Armed Forces Persons (Army, Air Force and Navy)

    CSD is starting with 3% rebate on shopping from 1 Mar 2020 on Rebate Card for retired Armed Forces Persons (Army, Air Force and Navy), prior to this all such Persons can avail 3% Rebate on shopping by showing their PAID Card at any CSD from 7 Jan 2020. CSD operator will request for Name, Category and CNIC number before finalization of bill. 3% Rebate will be increased to 5% in case of shopping is more than Rs. 25,000 for single bill. You are requested to please get accountable Application Form from CSD shop by paying Rs. 200 for preparation of Rebate Card. Form will be available initially at selected CSDs by 20 Jan 2020.



    Online Shopping will be available soon.