CSD Loyalty Card

  1. 1

    Any customer making purchases of Rs.2000/- and above, at one time, will be eligible for issue of CSD loyalty Card

  2. 2

    Procedure of Issuance of Card

    1. Eligible customer will fill CSD Loyalty Card Application form available at all the CSD shops, giving requisite details.
    2. Applicant MUST attach photocopy/Original bill pertaining to purchases from CSD amounting Rs.2000 or above along with the copy of CNIC.
    3. Application forms will be received at shops.

  3. 3
    How its work !

    Programme is point based

    • Customer earns ONE point for every Rs.100 spent in CSD Shop.
    • Redemption of points equals ONE RUPEE for ONE POINT e.g.

    • Card holders can redeem points after he/she make NEXT purchase i.e; redemption is limited to points earned on previous purchases. Points earned for current purchases are always carried forward and not redeemed instantly.
    • There is no minimum limit for redeeming the points.

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