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Glorious Heritage
Canteen Stores Department (CSD) has passed through various stages, since its inception in 1913. Army Canteen Board was the first venture, initiated primarily to cater for the British Forces in India. During 1927-28 this Board was liquidated in favour of Canteen Contractors Syndicate (CCS) Limited. In 1942, CCS became “CSD Government of India”.

In August 1947, assets of the CSD India were divided between Pakistan and India. Thus emerged the ‘CSD Pakistan’. It had three Transit Depots located at Karachi, Rawalpindi and Patanga (now Bangladesh) with a capital outlay of Rs 2.8 Million. There were no CSD shops, instead there were only CSD Depots.

Unit Canteen Contractors drew their requirements directly from CSD Depots, for sale in Unit Canteens. Total manpower employed was 3 Managers, 57 Salesmen and 30 Workmen (under a General Manager located at CSD Head Office, Karachi). All major stations had the Officers’ Shops run by the Ordnance Corps. In 1960, Officers’ Shops were taken over by CSD.

Between 1948-59, CSD enjoyed the status of a full-fledged Government Department, with complete tax exemption / rebates / budgetary grants. CSD used to get a large allocation of foreign exchange and was primarily trading in imported goods. In 1959, CSD was re-designated as a “Full-Fledged, Self-Sustaining Commercial Organization” under the Ministry of Defence and CSD switched over to wholesale and retail merchandising.

Functional Spectrum
In the past sixty years, CSD network has undergone rapid growth. Today, it comprises 6 Zones, 109 Retail Outlets, 12 Uniform Shops, 35 Hire Purchase Business Centres,6 Zonal Depots and 3 Petrol Pumps. The growth of CSD outlets is depicted below:-

CSD Volume of Business

Expansion in the network, dedication of CSD staff and confidence of clientele helped the exponential growth of CSD’s business. Despite facing tough competition from the newly-established Multinational retail stores in major cities, CSD has made tremendous strides. Growth in business volume in the past five years is depicted in the chart:-

CSD Volume of Business

Our Ethos

A National Brand: By virtue of expansion and its reach out to customers in remote areas of Pakistan, CSD has established itself as a credible and creditable National brand. Its logo now unequivocally symbolizes reliability, confidence and trust.

Quality Consciousness: CSD is continuously striving to ensure affordability while maintaining the highest quality of the products. Our procurement strategy is customer-oriented and not profit-oriented. This guarantees lower prices for the best quality.

Customer First: Central theme of CSD’s functioning has been ‘Convenience, Accessibility and Reaching-out to the Customers’. Steps taken towards this end include enhanced range of products and wider array of our network. Valued customers are facilitated, by providing ‘Everything Under One Roof’ in major CSD outlets, increased shopping hours/days by keeping the shops open for maximum time.

Shopping Environment: CSD continues to expand its inventory, to include more items, thus providing wider choice to the customers. Overall shopping environments are being augmented with improved ambience and better customer service.

Automation: Automate, IT-intensive Inventory Management and Warehouse / Information Management Systems have been introduced at all CSD outlets and Zonal Depots.

Why Shop With CSD?
  • Reduced Rates: CSD provides daily-use items to all clients at a price 6-8 % lower than the market.
  • Profit Sharing with Customers: Profit sharing is the major business virtue, around which our marketing strategy revolves. Acknowledging that we owe the growth of CSD business to our valued customers, we constantly share our profit with them through concessional/discounted rates and Loyalty Cards.
  • No Credit Card Fee: Service fee charged on all purchases made through Credit Cards from CSD outlets, has been waived off. This expenditure is being paid to Banks by CSD out of its own profit.
  • Special Sales / Promotional Packages: A number of Sales/Promotion Packages are launched periodically. These offer significant reduction in the prices of a wide array of articles, grocery and other items.
  • Shopping Environment: Some of the major CSD outlets can be compared with any modern retail store in the country or abroad. All kinds of businesses have been brought under one roof, with state-of-the-art facilities, improved customer service and the best ambience.
  • Waiver of Hire Purchase Dues: In case of Shahadat or death of a member, all outstanding dues are waived off. In the past 4 years CSD has waived off Rs 13.00 Million in this regard.
  • Refund/ Exchange Policy: We offer refund/exchange of the goods, purchased at any CSD Shop, within 7 days of purchase.

Retail Business

Retail Merchandising is the major segment of our business. It contributes approximately 55 % in CSD’s total business. Our range of products includes:-
  • Food Items
  • Meat/Fish/Chicken
  • House hold
  • Personal Care
  • Textile / Linen
  • Fruit & Vegetables
  • Hygiene / Chemical Group
  • Army Uniforms / Schools Uniforms / Stationery
  • Garments / Hosiery
  • Furniture

Hire Purchase

CSD is running a well-articulated Hire Purchase Scheme since 1974, for the personnel of Armed Forces and some fraternal organizations. Under this scheme, durable household items like Cars, Motor Cycles, Refrigerators, Deep Freezers, TVs, Air Conditioners, Computers, Generator Sets and Sewing/Washing Machines are sold to authorized beneficiaries, on easy installments. The Scheme now boasts over 1, 81,000 members, with annual outlay of Rs 5.1 Billion (FY 2011-12). This scheme is very popular amongst the Armed Forces personnel.

Notable Initiatives for the Benefit of CSD’s Core Clientele

Special Rebate Card: CSD is consistently striving to watch the interest of its core clientele. A number of steps have been taken in this direction. Entitled personnel are provided Special Rebate on purchases from CSD. During the past three years, CSD has extended Rs 150 Million subsidy on this account, out of its net profit.

Provision of APS&CS Uniforms, Stationery and Text Books: To facilitate provision of APSACS uniforms, stationery and text books at reduced rates, CSD has introduced these items at its 43 outlets.

Organizational Structure

Board of Control (BOC): The functioning of CSD is regulated by its BOC. BOC lays down general policy guidelines and exercises control over functioning of CSD. Its composition is as under:-
  • Chairman - Quartermaster General
  • Members - Senior Joint Secretary (Ministry of Defence) Financial Adviser Army Representative Pakistan Navy Representative Pakistan Air Force Managing Director CSD Secretary CSD

Head Office:Operational aspects of CSD are managed by the Managing Director (a retired officer) appointed by Ministry of Defence, on the recommendations of Chairman BOC. For the execution of his responsibilities he is assisted by the following Directors:-

  • Director Human Resource Div
  • Director Administration Div
  • Director Sales & Distribution Div
  • Director Procurement Div
  • Director Finance & Accounts Div
  • Director Information Technology Div

Field Offices:CSD shops are spread throughout the country. CSD’s field infrastructure comprises five Zones and a Sub Zone. Each zone is looked after by Zonal Manager, assisted by Deputy Zonal Manager. Field organization also includes five depots. Number of CSD Shops in each zone is as follows:-

  • Karachi Zone -
  • 13 Shops
  • Lahore Zone -
  • 24 Shops
  • Multan Zone -
  • 12 Shops
  • Rawalpindi Zone -
  • 35 Shops
  • Peshawar Zone -
  • 15 Shops
  • Quetta Sub Zone -
  • 8 Shops
Area of responsibility of different zones is as marked on the map:-

CSD Super Market           CSD Shops           CSD HPBC           CSD Zonal Office           CSD Head Office


CSD Management greatly values the candid input by its esteemed customers and welcomes any suggestions to bring about a positive change. Every shop has pre-paid cards, available for customer’s comments. All suggestions / complaints are objectively analysed and promptly responded. For feedback / complaints, please contact:-